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Metal Engraving of the word "Ramko"

Technology and Tradition

At Ramko, we combine the latest CAD/CAM and CNC technologies with traditional mold-making craftsmanship to ensure the highest quality tooling for a competitive price. 

Ramko is Your One-Stop Shop for All Your Tooling Needs, Including...

Plastic Injection Mold
Aluminum and Magnesium Die-Cast
Compression Mold
Blow Mold
Vacuum Mold

Largest Mold Manufacturer on the West Coast!

Ramko Manufacturing Inc. is the largest mold manufacturer on the West Coast with turn-key manufacturing capabilities. Ramko has a state-of-the-art facility located in Hemet, California.

We employ the latest 3D CAD/CAM technology and tooling equipment. With a highly skilled staff running a 24/6 operation, Ramko can handle short lead times and multiple tooling packages.

Since 1985, we have managed and executed tooling products for various applications including; plastic injection molding, structural foam, blow molding, compression molding, and aluminum die-casting. Our present manufacturing capabilities range from small high-precision SPI Class 101 tooling to large 32,000 lbs. plastic injection molds.

We believe that early involvement with part and mold design using our value-added pre-production service, SmartStart™ (Design for Manufacturability Review, or DFM) and Mold Flow Analysis is key to product quality, efficient manufacturing, and profitability.


Our mission is to provide high-quality, cost-effective tooling solutions - achieving this objective through continuous improvement, a commitment to quality, and solid teamwork with a positive "Can Do" attitude in every task, with every job, big or small.


Our vision for the future is to continually grow and secure Ramko's future by investing in new technology, expanding our facilities, and educating our staff with educational programs like Ramko's apprenticeship program.

Over 25 Years Experience

We are pleased to have this opportunity to introduce you to Ramko Mfg. Inc. Ramko has been a tool manufacturer for over 25 years. Starting with one person and one machine and gradually, through self-determination and commitment to customer satisfaction, we have grown into one of the largest mold manufacturers on the West Coast. Our overall manufacturing facility is 28k square feet operating three shifts per day and proudly doing so for over 15 years. Our present manufacturing capabilities range from small precision Class 'A' tooling, to 42,000 pound injection molds.

Ramko is a well-equipped facility that employs current computer technologies and CAD/CAM techniques. The majority of our manufacturing is accomplished through the use of CNC machining centers. Our excellent programming capabilities and ability to communicate with our customers using electronic data, in addition to conventional methods, have proven to be one of our greatest resources. Ramko builds numerous types of tooling including injection, die-cast tooling, compression, investment casting, structural foam, as well as multiple types of blow molds directly and indirectly for companies from coast to coast in the United States, as well as abroad. Ramko's customer base has been built solely by word of mouth, without the need for a sales division, a fact we are very proud of. Ramko strives to provide our customers with the best possible product, in the best possible way, for the best possible price. Ramko understands that communication and customer involvement are the keys to quality.

We have found that diversification has proven to be one of our strongest assets leading to our continuous growth, as well as our commitment to customer support. Whether it is with quality, lead time, or pricing, Ramko is always looking for ways to make improvements in all areas of tool manufacturing. We are also very proud to have a strong apprenticeship program to add to our stability for the future while giving back to our community. Ramko currently owns all of its facilities and 90% of its equipment, which shows our financial strength. Ramko's overall success was built on teamwork our commitment to customer satisfaction, and a "Can do!" attitude.


John Rathbone
Vice President
Ramko Mfg., Inc

Machinery warehouse

Large Facility...With Room to Expand!

Ramko operates a 28,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility and a 50,000 sq. ft. plastic injection molding facility. With molding and manufacturing services on-site, state-of-the-art CAD systems, and a skilled production staff...Ramko is prepared to service your complete manufacturing cycle, cost efficiently.

With an additional 3 acres for future facility expansion, Ramko is prepared for new and large-scale production demands.

Why Choose Ramko?

Ramko offers a wide range of mold design and mold manufacturing solutions that include the following benefits...

  • Turn-key manufacturing solutions

  • 99% on-time delivery rate or better

  • Capability to handle large tooling

  • 3 shifts 24/6 manufacturing operations

  • Capacity to handle multiple tooling packages

  • Design For Manufacturability Review

  • In-house Mold Flow Analysis

  • Latest 3D CAD/CAM technology

  • In-house custom mold base manufacturing

  • Comprehensive weekly Project Report with pictures and traceability

  • Quick turnaround on mold maintenance and repair

  • Excellent customer service

Deutsch Industrial  US

"I wanted to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for all your support throughout the development of our Quick Drop Project. Your company's dedication and hard work over the last several months played a key role in our ability to deliver parts On time to our customers. In addition, I want to commend your Commitment to Quality on both the Die-Cast parts and as usual the tools that Ramko designed and built in a very short time. The scope of this project was very large and complex and I truly believe that we would not have been as successful without your involvement. Again, please accept my thanks for a "Job Well Done" from me and all of the Deutsch Quick Drop Team"

Teri Elrod

Director of Manufacturing

O'neil Product Development

I just wanted to send over a note to everyone involved in our recent tooling projects. You have delivered on time and at a very high level of quality and satisfaction. Thanks! Please, let everyone at Ramko know that their involvement in O'neil's tools has been a key element in our company's success. We look forward to future projects with Ramko and its employees. "

Chad Gundlach
Director of Product Development

Wabash Technologies de Mexico

"On behalf of Wabash Technologies, I would like to gratefully acknowledge Ramko for their dedication to quality and service. Your Expertise in high-precision plastic injection mold building allowed Wabash to fulfill customer commitments within a very small window of opportunity and surpassed our expectations. Not only did you complete the first mold ahead of schedule, but also completed the second. As you are aware, shuttle molds are much different from conventional injection molds, completing both within 10 weeks of purchase order is truly amazing. "

Robert Lowe
Program Director


I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Ramko Inc. for your Association with the injection Molded Suspension Oxygenator Package. Your support and effort is greatly appreciated. "

Stuart Long
Packaging Engineer

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